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Vosalowe Cammack

Byron Middle School is a special learning place where all students are taught to master a rigorous and challenging curriculum.  This curriculum is designed using the framework of the Common Core Curriculum and Georgia Standards of Excellence. The motto of Byron Middle School is “Expecting Excellence from Everyone.”  The faculty and staff foster a climate of high expectations.  Student learning is the basis of all decision-making at Byron Middle School.  We are dedicated to producing a well-rounded student who is globally prepared to compete in a rapidly changing world.  In order to meet this challenge, our teachers are expected to know their students’ strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles.

Byron Middle School students experience an environment that is safe, comfortable, and orderly.  Our school wide discipline plan, SOAR, was developed to ensure that each student has the opportunity to learn without undue distractions. This plan emphasizes incentives rather than punishment.  Students are reminded that they are expected to Show respect, Observe the procedures, Act responsibly, and Rise above expectations. 

It is our goal that every student is a success story at Byron Middle School, and the recurring message is “Failure is not an Option.”  Students have multiple opportunities for success and receive strategic interventions for optimal student learning. 

Again, welcome to the Byron Middle School website.  Hopefully, you will find this website useful to your needs as a parent, student, staff member, or visitor. 



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