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Byron Elementary School Parent Involvement Plan




Adopted August 25, 2011

Revised May 30, 2013


Byron Elementary School recognizes the importance of and the legal requirements for implementing programs, activities, and procedures for the involvement of parents of participating public and private school children in the school wide Title I program. This involvement shall include but not be limited to input into the planning, design, and implementation of the school’s school wide Title I program. Procedures shall be established to ensure that consultation with parents is organized, systematic, practical, and timely in relation to decisions about the program.

It shall be the intent of all parent involvement activities to encourage and support the efforts of home, school, and community in improving educational opportunities of economically disadvantaged children. This home-school partnership will help children to succeed within the regular program of the school, to attain grade level proficiency, and to improve achievement in basic and advanced skills.

The Title 1 School wide Steering Committee (Better Seeking Team) shall implement procedures for planning and presenting required parent involvement activities. The parent involvement program shall have the following goals:

  1. To involve parents in the development and annual review of the school’s parent involvement policy (through scheduled meetings and periodic parent surveys).
  2. To involve parents in the process of school review and improvement (through the local School Improvement Committee, School Council, School Committees, and accreditation visits).
  3. To provide each parent with information about the School wide Title I program and to assist them in understanding the purpose of the program.
  4. To support parents’ efforts by providing training and materials as needed so that they may effectively work with their children for the purpose of reinforcement of academic and study skills taught at school, thus improving their child’s overall achievement.
  5. To encourage parents, teachers, administrators, related services, and support personnel to build and sustain partnerships between the home and the school.
  6. To provide coordination, technical assistance, and resources necessary to assist the school as it trains teachers, administrators, and other staff members involved in the school wide program to work effectively with parents.
  7. To communicate and consult with parents on a regular basis so that each child’s academic progress can be closely monitored at both school and home.
  8. Communication methods will include, but not be limited to: conferences, Open Houses, parent volunteering in the classrooms i.e. volunteer readers, progress reports, report cards, daily agendas, informal conversations, etc.
  9. To provide a comprehensive range of opportunities for parents to become involved in the design, operation, and evaluation of the schoolwide Title I program.
  10. To ensure opportunities to the extent practicable for the full participation of parents with disabilities, who lack literacy skills, or whose native language is not English.
  11. To gather information at least annually from parents, teachers, related services and support personnel, and students for the assessment of the parent involvement program.
  12. To conduct workshops for parents in such areas as understanding
  • Common Core Georgia Performance Standards (CCGPS) and student performance standards within the CCGPS Curriculum
  • School improvement initiatives
  • Title 1 Schoolwide Project
  • State and local testing requirements
  • Expectations for involvement of parents of all students
  1. To coordinate and integrate the Schoolwide Parent Involvement program with other existing parent involvement programs such as PTO and School Council.
  2. To encourage the formation of partnerships among community-based organizations, local businesses, schools in the system, and parents.
  3. To respond promptly to all criticisms, suggestions, ideas, and commendations regarding the school’s plan for organization and implementation of the schoolwide program.
  4. To provide a home-school compact to each parent, outlining both parties’ shared responsibility for educating students. Signatures of both parties will be acquired to symbolize agreement of shared responsibilities.
  5. To distribute this parent involvement policy to all parents of participating children, and to evaluate annually the policy as to its effectiveness in increasing parent participation.

Byron Elementary School, in cooperation with the Peach County Board of Education, supports the active involvement of parents in the Schoolwide Title l program. The school shall maintain an “open door” policy for parent teacher interaction related to student progress and on-going assessment of the parent involvement program.