Bus Misconduct

Peach County Schools
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The bus driver will speak with the student about the misconduct and reassign the student to another seat as needed. The driver will document the offence and any discipline. The driver will give a written copy of the discipline notice to the principal or principal’s designee, and to the student. The discipline notice shall be taken home by the student, signed by the parent and returned to the bus driver within (2) school days. In the event the student does not return the signed notice to the driver, the principal will be notified by the driver and further disciplinary action will be taken by the principal.

The principal shall take appropriate disciplinary action for the bus misconduct, which may include, but is not limited to, the loss of the privilege of transportation. The principal may also call for a disciplinary hearing for the bus misconduct and will notify the parent/guardian of any warnings, disciplinary actions or bus suspension.

No student will be allowed to ride any Peach County School Bus if the student’s riding privileges have been suspended. If the school year ends and the student has not served his/her entire bus suspension, then the student shall finish the bus suspension at the beginning of the next school year.